Your Choice Celebrants is a group of like-minded Commonwealth Registered Marriage Celebrants who have  formed a collective.  We are available for all ceremonies of Love, Life and Loss. Marriages, Commitments, Recommitments, Funerals, Scattering of Ashes, Memorial Services/Celebration of Life and Naming ceremonies.  We are advocates for marriage equality.


We were class-mates  in the Celebrancy Program conducted by Gordon TAFE and are respected professionals in our  fields of work. We are experienced in presenting and speaking to groups, organising and ensuring our clients get exactly what they need.


As a Celebrant we are invited into a family’s life at one of their most joyous times, or in the case of Ceremonies of Loss, at a time of sadness.  We respect the special role a Celebrant plays in the life of a family.


We are all individuals but are united in our belief that clients need to have ownership and control of their unique ceremony. We are committed to assisting clients to develop a ceremony that they feel is truly theirs.


Because we're a collective, we can provide you with a choice of celebrants that best suits you by:​

  • Providing professional support and development to each other

  • Assissting each other with any challenges

  • Sharing and developing new and innovative approaches to ceremonies

  • Standing in for each other in case of severe illness

  • Providing support for each other and provide a peer debrief when required